Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Featherbrook Stage 18 - Completion!

I finally passed by Stage 18 today and it looks like its finally completed. They took almost a week, just to complete the markings on the road and to erect the roadnames sign board.

Here are some of the completed images :

 Lets start with stage 17. For some good reason, there are more works being done at the lake at stage 17. Looks like they are expanding the lake, or probably get it deeper, since it has been quite wet in Melbourne.

 Here comes Featherbrook Dr & Bottletree to Stage 18...

 Road markings are up

 Now you can see the difference in this photo and the photo taken a couple of days ago.

 The look of Stage 19 from the newly completed stage 18.

 Capital way

 The completed road divider...
 The other part of Featherbrook Dr that has not been completed yet... this is in Stage 19...

 Alamanda estate, from the intersection between yellowbox dr & featherbrook dr...

 Stage 19 - Yellow box dr

 Getting ready to lay the pipes in Stage 20...

 Nice Sunset view from featherbrook stage 20...

 More soil being brought in to Stage 20...

More piles of soil...

Thats all for now... Stay tune for the next couple of days for new updates to the featherbrook development

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Carlisle Price Increase

Hi guys,

If any of you are planning to build with Carlisle, or still deciding after receiving the quotes, you got to make up your mind quick since I have came across a memo, stating that the prices will be reviewed again. Not only that, even the current promotion will be reviewed. So what does this mean? It could be another price increase. So wait no further...

Here is the link to Carlisle homes

Friday, 25 March 2011

F1 weekend

Hmm... nothing to do this weekend? Do head down to the F1 grandprix at Albert park. There was lots of noise today as the drivers started their practise session 1 and 2. I went down during lunchtime as it was near my office and I managed to get some sneak pic of the practise session 1.

Vrrommm.... Mark Webber seems to be the fastest in the first practise... Can he grab the pole position this weekend? Let's see....

 Human barriers... haha.. why should I pay if I can watch it for free?

Ferrari car passing by....

Here are some actions...

If you would like to know more about this weekend schedule and events, do check it out in the australian grand prix official website.. You can get the ticketing information as well...


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Run for the Kids Melbourne Charity Run

I have just recently registered for this event as part of fund raising for the kids of Melbourne.
These are for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal.

You guys can also participate in this run. The link is as follows : 

Or if you just decided to do a good bit in donation, you may proceed to this website :

If you guys are participating, see you guys there! I am in the 14.38km run.
Hmm, have to start practising now, just barely 4 weeks from now, or lesser...

Featherbrook Stage 18 - revisit

Nothing much happened the last few days since I was there. The only difference was, some road signs were erected and the roads were cleaner. I think they cleaned it up for road markings or maybe the rains has washed the mud away...

 New road signs
 Cleaner roads
 Big hump ahead!
 Look like there are more work done over at stage 20 than 18.
 All levelling done...
 Seems like they are making a divider at this road junction
 Featherbrook dr to fongeo drive... not much changes yet

Monday, 21 March 2011

Featherbrook Stage 20

At the moment, there are nothing much there except that I can see they are adding more soil to this area so that it will be levelled up with Alamanda estate and Stage 19....

I didn't take many photos here as there were nothing much at the moment to capture. I may take more photos in the coming week probably if there are some progress...

Featherbrook Stage 19

Now that you have seen the progress of stage 17 and 18... Here comes stage 19... According to featherbrook, this suppose to be titled in April this year. Which I think it could be delayed till May 2011, by judging it by the photos below... You will be able to judge them after I post up some photos....

 Featherbrook dr which links to fongeo drive in alamanda estate
 The white little sticks are the location of the underground pipes(could be the electrical pipes)
 Housing at Alamanda estate(Fongeo Dr)
 Intersection between Featherbrook dr and yellowbox drive(Stage 19)

View of stage 20 from stage 19(a lot more to be done in stage 20)

Featherbrook Stage 18

After passing by stage 17, I did took some photos of stage 18 too. The last time I heard from featherbrook, they said stage 18 will be titled in March 2011, but I guess it should be completed in March 2011 and will be titled by April 2011, guessing that the processing of the paper work etc takes around a month...  The only remaining jobs that I noticed are road markings, road signs and land levelling... Here are some of the pics of the development....

 View of stage 18 from stage 17

 Stage 18 almost completion, they have installed the lamp post and the road sign poll but not the road sign yet...
 Another angle of stage 18
 View of stage 17 from stage 18

 Sneak preview of stage 19 & 20 from stage 18
 Still stage 18
A bit more levelling needed for completion