Thursday, 28 July 2011

Featherbrook Transformed to Parkbrook

Central Equity just released their new land called Parkbrook. And it is situated just right beside Featherbrook. About 2/3 of the current size of Featherbrook, Parkbrook vowed to bring a large significant of park, as how the name was spelled.

Overall development plan

Lot sizes and pricing.. for more information, do head down to the Sales office at 215 Sneydes Road, Point cook.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Our contract appointment - 27/06/2011

Here we are again at Carlisle homes, Mulgrave. This time for our contract appointment!

This will the last process, before construction. After this, we will continue to wait patiently for our land to settle. Hopefully not for too long more. So far, our journey with Carlisle has been quite smooth. Finger crossed for the contruction bit.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Featherbrook Stage 19 & 20 - updates 24/7/2011

It has been a month and a half since my last update. There were lots of happening within now and then.With just barely a month and a half, stage 19 have been completed. And now, I am just anxiously waiting for stage 20 to be completed too. Why, because the plot of land that I have purchased is in Stage 20. :)

Stage 19 completion pics

 View of Capital Way, at Stage 19

 The newly completed Featherbrook Drive

 The other portion of Featherbrook Dr

 Intersection between Featherbrook Dr, Yellowbox Dr, and Fongeo Dr (Alamanda Estate)

 The intersection road signs. Which way should I go?

The completed portion of Yellowbox Drive @ Stage 19

Whereas the pic below illustrates the uncomplete side of Yellowbox Drive @ Stage 20 (29/06/2011)
The following pics are taken on various dates, from the oldest to the latest..

Pipes going across the road
Wires, cables & pipes getting layed.

 Drainage pit - all set to be laid

Grated side entry pit...

The covers has arrived. Where are the pits?

 Here they are, still in construction..

The following updates - 3/7/2011 - a week after

Telecommunications piping... To add on to our happiness, Central Equity has just informed us that Stage 20 will be part of the NBN network. What does that mean to us? It means faster internet connections! We will be getting fibre optic connection to our future homes too, just like our neighbour, Alamanda Estate...

White = Telekommunication
Orange = Electric
Black & yellow stripes = Gas ?

Now that I am looking at so many pipes, cables etc.. I am quite lost. Can anyone describe their job descriptions? There are so many variants, pipes in white, black, orange, blue, black&yellow stripes... hmm, what else...
Black ?

The following updates - 10/7/2011 - a week after

 Road kerb is up..

 Splitting connection to 2 plot of lands.  E/T = Electric / Telephone ?

The following updates - 17/7/2011 - a week after

 Hmm, seems like they just dug up the earth again for another pipe? This orange pipe is double the size of the earlier posted orange pipe. Again, god know what is this for? Oh, probably this is the main electric pipe, and the smaller ones that go across the road are the ones for individual plot of land.. Maybe I should take up a degree in land development, if there is such a degree..

 I found that they label the markers at the kerb for future references. Thats a freaking good idea.

 WG = Water Gas?
What about O?
 NR = ? No Road
| <- X -> | for the cross over..

 The End of Yellowbox Drive...

 The following updates - 24/7/2011 - a week after

 Hey, street lamps are up! They are also getting ready to seal the roads. Patches of bitumen can be seen.. I believe the final touch could be done by next week. Lets see if my judgement is correct.

 I found a pipe sticking out from the gully pit( easements at the back of the lot )

 Or should I say, I found many pipes sticking out of easement?

Stay tune for more updates in the coming weeks.. I am really getting excited each day as I can smell the completion soon..