Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Our Colour selections - External

A couple of weeks have passed since our colour selections. Our tender is approaching, and I have yet to compile all the items that we have selected! From external to internal section of the house... Lets start off with the externals...

Our bricks, Austral bricks Homestead Mushroom as our first choice & Fawn as the 2nd choice...

 Our 1st choice - Mushroom

 Our 2nd choice - Fawn

Mortar : Off white - Rolled
Gutter : Jasper
Fascia : Evening haze
Roof tiles : Traditional - Caper
Windows : Jasper
Front door : Surfmist
Garage : Surfmist

Here are some of the colour samples given by Carlisle upon completing your colour selections
Render : Tinderboy

 Window frame - Jasper
 Garage & front door - Surfmist
 Evening Haze for our fascia
 Jasper for our gutter

Here is a sample house of the bricks that we choosen... with the off white mortar

Our choosen garage door :

Our main doors :

With clear glazing


  1. OOoooohhhhhhh... I love it. GREAT choices. Can't wait to watch it all come together.

  2. yup, me too :) still waiting unfortunately...