Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Well protected

Hmm.. seems like the timber cross over has been provided... fully protecting the cross over... However crush rocks has not been sighted yet... But most importantly, there are a few little sticks(with red markers) jutting out from the ground.. the coordinates for the built has been identified.. :) let's see what happen next?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Site scraped

As promised by Carlisle, our land has been scraped today.. Due to the heavy downpour last night, you can see numerous pools of water at our land... Hope the weather will improve soon.. else we will not gonna get the slab done any time soon...

 Nice blue skys after a thunderous night... And we have a portaloo...

pool of water stagnant after the site scraped

What's next???

Thursday, 10 November 2011

the wait is over, its gonna get started

The final wait is over... Land has titled and settled. We are expecting a site cut today. Hopefully all turns out well. Can't really wait anymore to get it started after a long wait for the land to settle.

Oct 4 - Land Titles
Oct 19 - Settlement
Nov 10 - Planned Site Cut

Site survey & soil test done... - result turns out to be of slab P. Luckily we took the fixed site cost, else we might need to pay more eventually.

Let's see what happen today...

 The all new yellow box drive.

our virgin land