Monday, 13 February 2012

Tiling in Progress @ 12 Feb 2012

We managed to capture some photos from outside of the house. Work seems to be progressing well last week. Hopefully, this will continue on this week.

Beaumont tiles - Obelis Sand(matt finish) 450 X 450 for our entry, living, meals, family, kitchen

 from the entry till the meals area

 Sector Gloss White 200 X 400 tile on the ensuite bath

 Tile adhesive

 Partially done @ kitchen

 Glossy City beige 200 X 400 tile @ all the showers

 Shower @ powder

 Shower @ bath

 View from the kitchen to the entry

 The paints that has been used

Friday, 10 February 2012

Paintings completed @ 09 Feb 2012

Paintings has been completed as of yesterday. As scheduled the tiles has also arrived. Depending on the availaibility of the tilers, work scheduled to commence today. Finger crossed...

Painted Ceiling @ Portico

 Master suite
Left out the alfresco beam which is not painted


Thursday, 9 February 2012

More progresses @ 07 Feb 2012

Met with site supervisor this week. Nice chap though.. Seems like painting is on going. Termite protection is in.. and guess what's next? Tiling... Scheduled to be delivered today and work to commence tomorrow, Friday...

Here are some of the pics of the on going progress

 Our home being built from far
 We have a solar panel now
 naked render... where are my colours?
 Termites, please do not mess with me... I am all ready...
 Sad news, I couldn't get access to my home anymore...
 termite protection around the house...
 Painting in progress

Fixing in progress @ 3rd Feb 2012

To my suprised... fixing has started... Upon payment of the lock up, the fixing invoice came a week after... OMG... to believe it or not, the pictures below tells you more...

 We have a semi completed kitchen!
 Fridge provision & pantry
The door is now shut
 Our basin @ powder room
 master suite
 spa bath provision
 kitchen sink
 dishwasher provision

Chronological @ from dirt to home sweet home

Our journey...

1st Jan 2011 till 4th Oct 2011 - Patiently watching the land development of stage 17, 18, 19 and 20 of featherbrook

24th Jan 2011 - Deposit for Montrose
15th Feb 2011 - Montrose display home walk through
26th Feb 2011 - Colour browsing #1
11th April 2011 - Colour browsing #2
21st April 2011 - Colour selection
20th May 2011 - Tender
27th June 2011 - Contract Signed
4th Oct 2011 - Land Titles
19th Oct 2011 - Settlement
11th Nov 2011 - Site Scrapped
24th Nov 2011 - Fenced
28th Nov 2011 - Electricity Connected
4th Dec 2011 - Construction of piers
11th Dec 2011  - Water connecte
15th Dec 2011 - Base Stage
23rd Dec 2011 - Framing
20th Jan 2012 - Lock Up
1st Feb 2012 - Fixing
More to come...

Mouldings Completed @ 1st Feb 2012

Another speedy update... Mouldings were officially completed...

 Front projection
 Cornices in the garage
 Don't leave me naked, get me some paintings, baby...