Sunday, 24 April 2011

Featherbrook Overview Plan

Easter holidays are here... and its a long weekend + holidays... many are travelling during this easter, but I decided to lay back and rest... and probably do some updates on my blog...

I guess, since I started blogging about Featherbrook developments, I have made 1 big mistake, that is missing out the overall development plan of Featherbrook. Here I attach the overall development plan of Featherbrook Point Cook.

The area labelled as "Residential" is actually belongs to PointCook Thirty Thirty (3030) estate. If you are interested, there are more land sales launches in the near future..

Eventhough at the moment, the land in Featherbrook are almost sold out, they have informed that, there will be a new land releasing soon, to the left of Featherbrook, and will be named Parkbrook. Scaling the size of 3/4 of the existing Featherbrook, it seems that this upcoming development will have a better landscape compared to its predecessor. So until then, lets wait and see when will the launching be... & lets judge if its better...

At the moment, there are only 3 more stages to be completed in Featherbrook estate, which are Stage 19, 20 & 21. Expected completion date are as follows :

Stage 19 : May ( Titling in June/July 2011 )
Stage 20 : July ( Titling in August/Sept 2011 )
Stage 21 : Sept ( Titling in Oct/Nov 2011 ).

These are all the rough estimation given by Featherbrook, but its subject to weather condition as well. So hopefully these milestone will be met.

When I initially bought the land, I was told that it will be titled in April 2011, but now, it seems to have been delayed 4 months time...

Here is a bigger picture of Featherbrook in Point Cook Suburb.

Featherbrook in the Coloured area... Alamanda Estate is just beside Featherbrook ( on the right hand side of Featherbrook )

The future Parkbrook will be to the left of the current Featherbrook...

Featherbrook as part of Point Cook SubUrb...

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