Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Latest update from site supervisor, frame is completed.. Work to be resumed mid of January. :)

More updates in 2012. To all my blog readers, I wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! See you in 2012. Have a great holiday and travel safe!

Frames Construction @ 22 Dec 2011

After 4 working days.. this is the result of it.. Amazed?

 Speedy progress

 Could this be the rocks that have been excavated at our site?

A couple of other houses @ Yellowbox Dr

Frames / Windows Delivered @ 17 Dec 2011

I wasn't expecting this. But it seems that the frames and windows have been delivered to the site. Quick check with our site supervisor, he said he will try to get the frame by Christmas!!! Its only another 5 working days to Christmas. And he reckon that this can be done! Let's see...

 Australian pine wood
That seems to be our laundry window exit and also entertainer doors :)

Slabed @ 15 Dec 2011

We officially have a slab now :) Good bye waffle pods...

Footings design seen @ 14 Dec 2011

The waffle pods are officially here and well placed. Beams are also all done.  I guess this will be the last time we will see them...

Resurfacing @ 12 Dec 2011

Seems like there are some resurfacing done on our soil. This might be part and parcel of getting ready for the slab. But no waffle pods were spotted yet.

Plumbing work started for slab @ 11 Dec 2011

There are more activities spoted this week. Looks like we might be getting a slab very soon.

Yellow & Blue sticks appearing @ 8 Dec 2011

There are some new sticks appearing at the site. Could it be for the water & gas connections?

Markings & Piers @ 4th Dec 2011

There are slight progresses. Now we have piers and some markings on the site where the house will be placed.

 Quite a few piers were seen

Electricity Connected @ 28 Nov 2011

After 4 days, we were connected to electric grid.

 Portaloo still horizontal

Fenced @ 24 Nov 2011

Sorry for the delay for all the post. Has been quite busy lately with work. Anyway, it has been taking quite a bit of time since the site was scraped. We were waiting, but seems nothing much happened. We were informed that there was a delay due to the weather. It took around 9 days to have the fence and after that the portaloo collapsed. The portaloo said "I can't stand the wait anymore"... hahaha