Wednesday, 21 September 2011

One more month to go, getting there!

Recently received some updates from the developer that the land that has been long waited will be soon settled! The settlement is expected to be either mid or end of October, which is just a month away. After 1 year and 2 months waiting since we have last placed our deposit, it is finally close to its completion. Finger cross it wouldn't take too long for the documentation to be released.

Had a drive through our beloved land, we could see that they are now "ready to built" after the last bit - the 4 pegs - have been grouded to the respective boundaries.

The lovely completed crossover with the dirty tarred road.

Another view of different lots with pits at the nature strip

At the end of the yellowbox drive still needs a bit of touch up perhaps

Here's the pegs with the lots number engraved on.

Taking a look at the yellowbox drive from the temporary access raod (with wooden fence on)

oh oh.. definately need to note this onto the asset protection form.