Sunday, 2 October 2011

Migrant Hub - The Secret Heaven

Have been hearing ppl talking about this place -  Migrant Hub and the cafe (MiHUB cafe) which was previously operated in Hoppers Lane has been moved to Mombourin in Weribee (2, Recreation Close, Werribee). This Migrant hub is not famous for its garden, also the delicious Malaysian food run by an Malaysian makcik - Nora. However I've never made the effort to visit the place.
Until today  when I woke up in the morning, I felt real sick and really wanted a hot teh Tarik (pull tea) to warm up myself. After the doctor appointment, I decided to go and explore this place.
Not to far from Point Cook (About 15 minutes drive), I reached this place and at a first glance, it was a little run down I thought. Without much of expectation, I went in through the little wired-fence door with the signboard "Open" at the left side, and along the corridor with some big pots stacked up the wooden rack, until I reached the back door of the cafe.


Can you see the big pots?

I then followed the sign "CAFE -----> " written on the back door, through another corridor to the front. Having a look at the front yard in front of me, oh my god, it's a 2 acres land with ponds, lake, hut, benches, big trees around, I'm so...amazed with the pictureque scenery (I thought it could be the second ideal location for the lord of the ring film scene, beside the one in NZ!)

Here's the cafe back door, go through your right, and you'll find the heaven

Then on my right, here's the little MiHUB cafe which is another surprise to me, what a cozy sitting area both indoor and outdoor at your options. Then I met Makcik Nora, who was sweeping the floor and told me that, I'm a bit eary and the food wasn't ready yet. I ordered the Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice), picked a seat in the court yard, shielded by the plastic cover, yet the sunlight could penetrate in and vice versa that my eye could "penetrate" the scene through it  (not forgetting that I'm actually sick and couldn't get too cold). I  have taken some photos of different angles as well of the Cafe.

Waited for quite a while, finally my Brunch (breakfast + lunch @ 11.00am) was served. Being able to dine at the eye catching place, I was definately satisfied. It has been a while I couldn't find a place like this to enjoy a meal as a start. What more the food is actually not expensive at all, nasi lemak and tea for AUD 8 bucks. What a deal!!

Finished my meal, and advised by Makcik, there's a garden deal happening just there at the hut. Not knowing what was all this about, I walked towards the hut and saw lotsa plants, fruits and vegetable on the table. Different varieties includes fresh and juicy lemons, agapanthus plants, mints and herbs, green leafs vege, some old photo frame, booklets etc. While I was observing some people choosing the items from the table, then I saw another bunch of people carrying the recyclable bags and pulling out some other herbs and vege from their bag to the table too. Then I realized this was a swapping deal! You bring some and leave it there then you grab some and bring them home. What a great community.  The market deal was run by a lady whose name is Reita with her other members.

P/S: There's journalist taking photo there as well during my visit, hope more people get to know about this place then. As for me, I'll definately come back for another morning tea at this lovely secreat heaven :)



  1. Thank you for sharing the Migrant Hub. I had never heard of it. I am looking forward to going now. I live in Point Cook :)


  2. Hi Leanne,

    That's great! Hope you managed to find it.
    I forgot to mention that the market swap deal happens only every first Sunday of the month.
    And I was told that they're going to have another swap market taken place in Point Cook soon in jan 2012 :)